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I specialise in treating a number of mental health issues including anxiety disorders, depression, and psychosis related experiences.

If you are uncertain about what specific category, diagnosis or terminology your experiences fit with then that’s perfectly ok too… I don’t believe in working rigidly or ticking boxes when not needed.

I work with the issues that people want to bring and feel are important to them

Therapy sessions are often used as a safe space to reflect on our experiences, hopes, goals and values, to better understand why certain problems might be affecting us at this point in our lives and to think about how we want things to be in the future.

In the first session we will discuss what you want to get from therapy, current issues and make a plan for future sessions.

It is important to find the right fit for you. Please feel free to email/phone/text me to discuss your needs and requirements and ask any questions. I offer a free telephone consultation which many clients find a useful initial space. During this discussion I also aim to get an overview of the difficulties you are experiencing and assess what kind of support might be most helpful for your needs.

What to expect at the first session

The first session or two will involve a discussion around your needs and a psychological assessment. We will discuss goals and what is important to you to get a better idea of what you want to gain from therapy. This will ensure therapy is on-track, useful and in line with your goals/values in later sessions.

Toward the end of the assessment we will think together about how therapy might be helpful and how you found the first session.

Therapy sessions

Sessions will look different depending on your goals and types of therapy or psychological techniques we are using. These are just some of the ways that therapy can look…

We may focus on understanding why certain difficulties are present in your life, or spend time practicing psychological strategies to target key areas for you such as intrusive and negative thoughts, anxiety, and so on. We will check in on your week and talk about what skills to practice to move forward towards goals or behaviours that are in line with your values.


Bank transfer at least 24 hours prior to online session.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice. I will send details of terms and conditions, privacy policy and cancellation prior to starting therapy so that clients have time to read through this.